Written by Kirst Gordon

I flew from Istanbul to Lisbon Portugal, a quick four hour flight. I was happily greeted by one of my favourite friends Meg, Meg and I met in Istanbul via instagram two years ago and both being foreign in Istanbul we got on like a house on fire. Meg’s husband is currently selling houses to Turks in Portugal. I went down to spend the weekend with them in their apartment in Cascais. I recently bought a small point and shoot film camera, it’s an Olympus, we had a really fun time messing around with it. Here is a small glimpse of our travel diary for Cascais, more to come for our Lisbon travel guide.

Cascais is about 45 minute drive from the airport and you can either reach it by train or car. Cascais is a quaint little town which is pretty much like living in paradise, the most beautiful views stretching miles across the sea. The beaches are full and the houses are vibrant colors of pastel pinks, yellows and ofcourse many intricate tiles. Cascais is a wonderful vacay spot and is the best resort little town off the Lisbon coastline – in my opinion.

We spent the first few days exploring the little side streets of Cascais, its quiet and so pretty. Every corner is covered in hand painted tiles and huge flower trees spotted around. We did a few afternoons at the beach which stretch as far as the eye can see. The sands are very similar to South African coast lines. White sands and freezing water, it’s the perfect little hidden gem.

The pretty Praia (meaning beach) da Rainha is the main beach we first encountered, we walked along the sidewalk with a picnic basket in hand (which unfortunately we didn’t document)  The Praia da Duquesa and Praia da Conceição are very pretty too and all connect to one another. The Piscina Oceânica Alberto Romano is a little fun rockpool made out of cement, which people lay scattered across the surface of the stairs.  

The next day, we headed down to the Guncho beach, which was about a 15 minute drive. You head down to the Praia do Guincho where there is a Hotel called Muchaxo . There is the most picturesque old school 70’s inspired yellow painted area with a huge pool. We spent the afternoon there sipping away at chilled Rose

  Things to do in Cascais

  1. Walk around as much as you can, every corner is so pretty
  2. Try pastel de nata, pretty much anywhere
  3. Head down to Cascais and a bit further South to Guncho beach – with the 70’s inspired pool
  4. Go for cocktails – pretty much anywhere there are little bars and restauarnts, or buy wine from the supermarket and have a picnic on the beach
  5. Head to beaches : Praia do Guincho , Praia da Duquesa and Praia da Conceição