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Written by Summah .Co

Last year October I took a trip to Marrakech. Marrakech has been on my Wishlist for as long as I can remember. I applied for my visa through the embassy in Istanbul, which took forever. Eventually I got a email from the embassy saying my visa had been approved and I could travel as soon as I pleased. I booked my ticket literally two days later and spent 6 wonderful days in Marrakech. 

Our Maroc collection is inspired by Marrakech and the dusty souks, buying fresh fruits and carpet gazing. We drew inspiration from dreamy interiors of Berber lodges and secret Riads, dried grasses, camels, hidden palm tree oasis’, open spaces and dusty hues of pinks, breezy cottons and the colors of warm humid summers. Our collection is an assortment of handpicked summer essentials characterized by 70’s inspired styles and colors, with pops of bright yellow stripes mixed with neutral tones and terracotta’s. Dedicated to the authenticity and the unpretentious, the mystery of its past with the strong artistic personality of its present. We recently took a four day trip to Marrakech to shoot our campaign.  our Maroc custom made towel. It was the first time we had done a custom towel and I couldn’t think of a better place to shoot this collection than in Morocco. 

We shot at Berber lodge in the middle of the desert and then the most incredible hotel right in the Medina called Riad L’atelier which is own by one of our friends that we met through Instagram. We shot with a local Moroccan girl called Hiba, who was an absolute dream to work with and because I travelled alone she was kind enough to take me on a bit of a tour around the Medina. 


If you’d like to see more of our travels to Marrakech head over to this blog post or IGTV





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