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All orders are processed in our showroom and depo between Cape Town and Istanbul. 

Each towel / blanket / throw or robe comes with a canvas / drawstring protection bag.



Usual delivery can take up to three days, if orders are placed on a Friday dispatch will happen the following Monday, We use a local Courier service and all your shipments are free, we get notifications when your shipment has been delivered and everything goes through our Waybill. 



For International orders we do not except returns or custom delays and extra prices that custums endure / please allow two weeks delivery time from South Africa or Turkey. You will be provided with a tracking number and URL to track your order. All orders are sent via PTT and TURPEX. Please allow two weeks travel time.


We will email you if there is an expected delay.  

Terms and conditions with orders : 

Returns can only happen 14 days after purchase and we do not cover redelivery costs.

Returns can only be accepted if the towel / accessory has not been used and is returned in its original state.