Your towel only needs to be washed if it has been messed on or has a stain. If you've been down to the beach simply shake it out, our towels will not collect alot of sand. You can use your towel many times before washing it as it does not get moldy or mildew, not like the terry towels. Your towel will not smell bad 


 Our 100% Cotton Turkish towels get softer with use and with every wash. Hand wash or you can wash in cold water 30 degree not warmer & hang to dry, preferably in the sun so it dries faster. Do not use a fabric softener or bleach as it will act as a water repellent.  Hang your towel on the washing line or over a chair 

If a tassle comes undone wet the tassle wet your hands, split the tassle into four strands, rolls the tassles and then twist them together.
If a thread pills do not pull it more, simply cut the thread where it has snagged. Your towel will not unravel as it is flat woven.
Every towel is hand made making it unique and special. Some colour variations may occur dependant on the dye that was used. 
PS. most important part if you're living in Cape Town, save water and use a bucket to wash your towels