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 Written by Summah .Co


We share the most beautiful office and studio with one of our best friends, Australian Canadian babe and ultimate girl boss Megan Mummery from OHSEVENDAYS

We have been friends for a couple of years and did a few collaborations together. Last year April she found the most perfect office and asked if I wanted to join her and share a office with her, my obvious answer was definitely! After working from home and not having much of a routine it felt like the most perfect fit + move.

The beautiful white canvas shell was perfect for us and we styled it in a way that was beautiful, aesthetically pleasing but functional for both of us. We use it as a everyday office aswell as a studio where we shoot beautiful content and campaigns.

OhSevenDays is a mindfully made womenswear label creating sustainable staples from dead stock fabrics based in Istanbul Turkey. We share a tailor Tayyar Usta who makes most of Meg’s production and a few of our vacay shop essentials. Whats great about Tayyar usta is two floors down from our office.

We each have our own space and desk that we work at. Meg has a full time assistant Basak and three lovely interns Beyza, Lynn and Tara. Being in a shared office is amazing as we are all friends and bounce ideas off each other constantly. For me its so inspiring being around strong empowering women on a daily basis and having a place to come to everyday really makes such a big difference, mentally and emotionally. We often go for after work drinks and have really long intimate chats on the regular, filled with tons of laughter and awkward selfies.

Our little office is situated in Osmanbey, a atelier / atolye and textile dream location. The streets are filled with crazy sounds of the mosque, to cutters and machines sewing all day long. We have done a short IGTV showcasing our office space.

Check out our IGTV for behind the scenes of our SUMMAH HQ + shared office space. All images shot on 35mm film

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